The Boone County Foundation Fund (BCFF) exists to support the needs that are most relevant to this area. We serve as a charitable home for donors to allocate their dollars so that they, too can support Boone County, Nebraska. We are an affiliated fund of the Nebraska Communities Foundation.

The BCFF is committed to identifying key challenges and opportunities for the communities we serve. Our projects vary, but all are designed to help make Boone County the choice for individuals and families to live and work.

Current Projects:
Childcare: In 2016, we began investigating the childcare shortage across the county. Requesting the services of an experience professional, we began researching opportunities. To-date, an online community has been established for existing childcare providers to communicate, additional in-home providers have been identified, and an after school program is being explored with Boone Central Schools. This project is ongoing, but well on its way to helping parents/guardians find care for their children.

Good Samaritan Society Bus Program: For many years, Good Samaritan Society-Albion has provided transportation for those in need. This service makes running errands and attending appointments easier for area residents. In order to keep the service available, the BCFF grants funds to support this service.

Boone County Big Give: The Boone County Big Give is a concentrated awareness campaign geared toward sparking education and interest in local charitable organizations. It empowers these organizations to work together to strengthen their messaging and spread awareness for what they provide to area residents and visitors. In December 2016, the Big Give resulted in 1,069 gifts and more than $167,000 raised.

Boone Central Fine Arts Remodel: In 2016, the BCFF became the “hub” for people wishing to support this project. The goal of the Fine Arts Remodel is to improve the 1953 Boone Central gym so that it can be better suited for performing arts events.

Completed Projects
Albion Family Aquatic Center: The BCFF served as the “hub” for donors to support building a new swimming pool in Albion, Nebraska. This new amenity to the community is a tool for giving families a recreational activity within the county, as well as help boost economic growth for the area.

Boone County Visioning Meeting: The BCFF hosted a Visioning Meeting with area leaders and organizations to identify key challenges and opportunities for Boone County. From the discussion, childcare, housing and recreation were identified as primary needs. Various groups are focusing on one more more of these needs in the hope of enhancing all three areas.

The communities we serve include:
Cedar Rapids
Saint Edward